Registration Requirements and Payment

1. Complete the Entry Form (separate tab/page)

2. Pay the entry fee (see below)

3. Note the registration and related requirements (on this page below)

4. Please Note that entries are limited to a total of 45

Entry fee: $300.00 ($330 late entry - after 20 October 2017)

In the event of a cancellation of entry, Temora Gliding Club reserves the right to retain the tug ferry costs from any refund.

Payment by Direct Internet Bank Transfer is preferred

Temora Gliding Club          BSB 062604               Account 28009971

Important! Please, please ensure your name is included in the description of the transfer.

Email bank transfer advice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If paying by cheque they should be sent to 

Temora Gliding Club,

PO Box 206,

Temora, NSW 2666


REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS  When registering on site, pilots may be required to have:

  • GFA membership card (both pilots)
  • Current GPC or FAI Competitor’s License
  • Log book with current Annual Flight Review
  • Proof of insurance policy competition endorsement (see below)
  • Maintenance Release for the glider
  • Current parachute packing slip
  • Pay for all tow fees up front (Provide bank details for unused tow fee refunds)
  • GPS Serial number (It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure downloading software and data cabling for their GPS Datalogger is available and provide suitable software to the organizers if necessary.  Pilots will download their own loggers).
  • Pilots will be required to sign a declaration during the onsite registration (see below)


INSURANCE Gliders must be insured for 3rd party and public liability to a sum of not less than $1,000,000. Any policy that does not include the GFA standard competition endorsement must include the following endorsement:

“In respect of the use of the aircraft competing in the NSWGA competition at Temora from 9 December 2017 to16 December 2017 inclusive, sanctioned by the Gliding Federation of Australia, this insurance is extended to include as jointly insured, the Gliding Federation of Australia, NSW Gliding Association Inc, the Temora Gliding Club and any individual organiser or helper acting in connection with such sanctioned gliding competition but limited to the extent of coverage and limit of liability as provided by this policy.”


DECLARATION to be signed by pilots during on site registration

I/we acknowledge that gliding is a hazardous sport and that competition gliding involves added risks.  I/we hereby apply to enter the 2017 NSW State Championships and agree to accept these risks and abide by the NSW Competition Rules and any variations that may be decided by the NSW Competition Policy Committee circulated as Local Rules and note that in particular that if any aircraft does not meet the airworthiness requirements of these rules, entry application may be rejected.

I/we specifically agree to waive all claims against the competition organizers, the Gliding Federation of Australia, the NSW Gliding Association, the Temora Gliding Club either by me/us or by any other person claiming through me/us or on my behalf.  In consideration of my/our being permitted to compete I/we agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Gliding Federation of Australia, the NSW Gliding Association, the Temora Gliding Club and any person or persons having the control of or assisting with the NSW State Championships (including matters ancillary to the competition) against all or any claim or claims for willful or negligent acts or breach of duty or otherwise made upon it by me/us or any other person or persons arising directly or indirectly from my/our participation in the 2017 NSW State Championships.

I/we agree to become a member of the Temora Gliding Club for the duration of the competition and abide by all rules and regulations of the club.

I/we certify that the information supplied in this entry form is true and correct.